Telegraf → "I landed in Belgrade, no Serbians are infected": Zdravko allowed to leave quarantined cruise ship

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Zdravko says he was escorted to the airport where he boarded the plane

Zdravko Bumbulovic, a young man who was a member of the Diamond Princess cruise ship's crew, spent more than ten days quarantined on the ship docked in Japan, as it was suspected that some of its passengers got infected by coronavirus.

Unfortunately, after a while, these fears turned out to be true.

Zdravko explains that from the moment when it was spected that some people were infected with the virus, he remained in a confined space and spent time only with a few of his roommates. However, as he says, everything has ended well.

"I was a crew member for four years and now I had a nine-month contract. This happened in Japan, however, I continued to do all the work. The passengers were resting, we were working. Now I feel great and that is the most important thing," Bumbulovic told Avaz.

He said he was tested two days ago for coronavirus and that the test came back negative.

"The company escorted me to the airport. I boarded a plane and landed in Belgrade, and last night I came to Samac (in Bosnia). I am home now and have documents that I am free of coronavirus. Those whose tests were negative were allowed to leave yesterday. Some were released yesterday, others were held. Tomorrow, the ship will be emptied," Bumbulovic pointed out.

He stressed that all passengers were tested almost daily, and that when it came to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) citizens, none have been infected.

"There were 14 people from BiH and Serbia on the cruise ship, some of whom I know. And it's really important to say that not one was positive for coronavirus. I have BiH and Serbian citizenship. I have to say that a large number of people who are nationals of some European countries were negative for coronavirus. I think about 350 people were infected and the ship had about 3,700 passengers and crew members. Those in contact with the infected were constantly monitored. They knew everything and cameras followed them. Even when you think they aren't, they're monitoring the situation," Bumbulovic added.

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