Serbian Vaccine Cardiologist: “Wait. I cannot recommend GM VIDEO.”

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Cardiologist prof. Dr. Vieslav Hadi-Tanovi said he could not recommend vaccinating patients with the genetically modified coronavirus vaccine.

Source: TV Prva Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 | 10:00

Photo: Printskrin TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin TV Prva

As he explained, the death rate from the crown is 0.14 percent and from the crappy stroke it is 65 percent.

“The mortality from malignant diseases is 30 percent, all other diseases so 90 percent,” he said in “Jutra” when he was hosted by TV Prva.

He also says that in order to recommend the vaccine to his patients, he must first be familiar with it and its composition, and, as he says, little is known about it.

“The composition of the vaccine has been discussed in our scientific circles. It contains a strain of virus, a mild form that you shed, but encourages you to build an immune system … This vaccine contains, for the first time, a component that determines the genetic structure of the Can change people “So we as experts have warned and let’s see what happens there,” he said, adding that many people have a decline in their cardiovascular capacity – the heart – due to immobility and stress.

When talking about the vaccine, he said that we already have genetically modified foods, animals and now the same vaccine.

“If a genetically modified drug, a vaccine, is used, we don’t know what the consequences will be. Now, for the first time, we have a genetically modified vaccine. How this affects the production of offspring is the question we ask and that I couldn’t ask, I recommend, ”he added.

He also says that drugs and vaccines are the world’s biggest business and that “everything that is done in healthcare is what the cats and the pharmaceutical industry deserve the most”.

“It has its supporters … When there was swine flu 10 years ago, the WHO announced an epidemic a month earlier and reduced the quota for reporting an epidemic. And what happened? Nobody did complained. The German paid 80 million euros for vaccines, Serbia two million euros … My advice is – wait, “concluded Dr. Hadi-Tanovi.

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